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Ed Edmundson's Profile Image
Ed Edmundson, Last week

Meyers recently replaced our heating unit in the condo and that went well, no issues. Very happy. Then a couple days later we started to get a loud muffled sound. We called Meyers and they sent out Corey to investigate. He turned off the heater/blower and said the sound is not coming for the unit they just installed. He spent the next half hour investigating, exploring and was able to determine it was a broken attic fan. He was such a huge help, and went way beyond what we expected. He explained that his company does not work on attic fans, but emailed us a company we could call. In short… I highly recommend these guys. Top quality work. Thank you Corey for taking the time to solve our puzzle. Greatly appreciate it!

Megan & Pat Shields Merell's Profile Image
Megan & Pat Shields Merell, Last week

We have used Meyers to maintain our current HVAC as well as install a new unit for a large addition. Corey and the team are always on time, very professional and thoughtful in how they explain the systems and how to use. We will continue to use them, for sure.

Mel B's Profile Image
Mel B, Last week

Cory at Meyers Heating has been very responsive and kind, taking time out of his day to help us with the heating issue in our home and ensuring we stay warm while everything gets fixed! Thank you Cory! :)

Deb Burke's Profile Image
Deb Burke, Last week

Frank was great. The team showed up when they said they would, did an excellent job & finished on time, even a little early. ????????????????

Nancy Mohr's Profile Image
Nancy Mohr, Last week

Cory immediately diagnosed the problem with our furnace and fixed it right away. We appreciate that he came out within an hour of our call. We will continue to ask for Cory for all future HVAC service.

Mike Percival's Profile Image
Mike Percival, This month

They fixed the heater

Susan Steckler's Profile Image
Susan Steckler, This month

WOW, amazing service. We moved into our house in early December and on Christmas Eve day, we realized a burning smell was coming from our heater. Corey from Myers Heating showed up on Christmas Day to come to our rescue. Unfortunate challenges with closed parts departments (at the furnace manufacturer) ensued, but Corey jury-rigged a solution that kept us warm until the correct part could arrive. Thank you, Meyers team!

Michael Mcnellan's Profile Image
Michael Mcnellan, This month

Meyers Heating installed a new furnace and air conditioner and did a fine job. Everything looks good and works fine. A good product at a good price.

Michael Friesen's Profile Image
Michael Friesen, This month

Fantastic service, communication, and most importantly attitude. Corey was awesome, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Meyers to anyone.

Debra Rella's Profile Image
Debra Rella, Last month

Corey cane by on an emergency call. The fix was so simple and he was so very nice, professional & personable. I would recommend Meyers to Anyone who needs HVAC help. Thank you all.

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