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Linda Greenberg, This year

For the many years that Meyers has been taking care of our heating, we've had only one tech who did a poor job, and Meyers took care of the issue promptly. Ever since then, I've asked to have Larry do the servicing on our furnace -- he's very responsible and competent, plus I appreciate that he gives me a heads up if there are any aging-equipment issues I should be aware of.

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matt vawter, This year

Competition tried to take advantage of me. Corey (technician) was super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and went above/beyond for me. These guys are superior and their manager took good care of me. Highly recommend!

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Kathleen Christensen, This year

Have been happy with Meyers for years. Staff are friendly and helpful. At least on one occasion, they were way less expensive than another company would have been. Just had them install a new furnace and air conditioner, and everything went really smoothly.

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Brittyn Coleman, This year

We had a really great experience with Cory! He was super friendly and helpful - he fixed our leaking AC and helped us understand more about our system.

Diana in the front office was also super kind and helpful and helped us get Cory out here within a few hours.

I will say we did encounter one technician that was pretty rude and condescending toward both me and my husband on two separate occasions. However, that has been reported and hopefully passed on to managers.

Thanks Meyers!

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Leonard Berman, This year

We had a ductless heat pump/heat/AC unit installed in our bedroom where there has been essentially no heat for 9 years. Frank came by to arrange for the installation in advance. Mark and Augie did the installation and were very responsive to our situation. Halfway through the installation, a massive thunderstorm with hail began while they were on the roof. They had to suspend installation but said that they would return on Saturday morning to finish. They arrived as they said and finished the installation. Terrific job under less than ideal conditions.

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Landon Sproull, This year

We had a mini-split air conditioning system installed. Ben was knowledgeable with his 10 years experience and provide excellent advice combined with service. The installation was seamless with professional technicians. I'd highly recommend Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Patti Jordan, This year

Corey came up to service our new ductless AC units. He was professional, answered all my questions and thoroughly took the time to explain everything to me!
I highly recommend using Meyers and definitely ask for Corey!

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Ben R, This year

I would like to give Meyers Heating and Air Conditioning a 5 star review as an employer! I've worked here for 10 years and can honestly say it is a great company to work for!

The people I work with are not only talented, but enjoyable to work with! There is an atmosphere sharing knowledge and helping one another to deliver excellent quality!

If you or anyone you know has technical experience, electrical, plumbing or HVAC experience, or wants to learn the trade from scratch...Call Meyers and ask for an

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Ling McLoughlin, This year

Job well done and air conditioner works great!

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D H, This year

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