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Dave Parkhill, This year

Cory provided excellent service - quick, competent and friendly. Highly recommend Cory and Meyers

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Tammy Haisfield, This year

We have used Meyers for years now - they are well qualified and responsive! Larry has been our service repairman and representative throughout that time! He is excellent!! He always keeps me informed of when he'll be here, he's always on time (and calls if he's going to be early or late). He's quick and efficient and has a great understanding of our system. He stays on it until it works again!! A year ago, we replaced the entire system and added air purifiers and air humidifiers - they were honest and fair. I recommend them!!

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Baker Duncan, This year

Dustin was on time. Checked and adjusted my furnace, cleaned an air duct, blew out my lines and more.

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Mark Changaris, This year

We tried several other shops and Meyers was the only one that could fix our furnace. The tech showed up on time and worked very hard to get the job done right. We highly recommend Meyers! Great people.

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Bill B, This year

I have used Meyers for many years. They know when something is an emergency for you and they get the workers and equipment out there right away.Very professional and knowledgeable, their work is always top-notch. For both repairs/maintenance or new installations, this company does a good job and stands behind their work.

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Patrick Hyde, This year

Nice job on a furnace install, Meyers team. Bid, plan, implementation all went smoothly. Thanks!

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Deborah Kelly, This year

On time and completed at the price quoted. Juan was thorough and explained as he went along.

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Alex Chaux, This year

Juan did a thorough job of troubleshooting my heating problem before making a recommendation. He was the second HVAC technician at my house today. He recommended replacing a part and having it fixed in 2 days. The previous company recommended replacing the entire heating unit because the part would not be available for 4 weeks!

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Chris McMahon, This year
Kenny Meyer's Profile Image
Kenny Meyer, This year

Corey was outstanding, professional and a pleasure to work with. On a weekend our Furnace completely stopped working during a week of below freezing temperatures. Our issue was complex and we were very fortunate to have Corey on the job. Really appreciate 24/7 availability and Corey's outstanding service. Very happy with Meyers Heating and Air Conditioning.

Thank you from Ken and Julie Meyer in Lafayette

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