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Joe Allan, 3+ years ago

Professional, quick, eager to help, and a great pedigree online. Nice to find in a place where it gets pretty cold pretty often! Highly recommend Meyers.

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Snorkmaiden, 3+ years ago
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Michael Morphew, 3+ years ago

Myers heating and air-conditioning is the best in the area. I highly recommend them.

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Angele Sjong, 3+ years ago

Our furnace went out on December 23rd. Thank goodness Nick Speichinger was able to help us. He was able to get the furnace to give us heat during the holidays while the parts came in. He got our furnace up and running again and was very pleasant, patient and courteous the whole time. I highly recommend Nick Speichinger and Meyers Heating for any of your needs!

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smasheddragon, 3+ years ago
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Ian G

Terrific customer service from start to finish. Installed cost equaled the quote (no change orders or up charges).The installer worked with me on duct routing until we got it right. Work was done ahead of schedule.

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Chris B

Bill was super nice, knowledgeable and quick install & repair of the furnace. You can't go wrong with Meyers!

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Emily Anne MacAnlis, 3+ years ago

This company was a lifesaver! We had a broken furnace, were out of town, and had been bailed on by another company. Larry came out the morning we called, the day after Thanksgiving, fixed our furnace, and charged normal rates. We've already gone back to them to have Larry come out and do maintenance on the furnace. Everything from their responsiveness, caring, and integrity has made me a very happy and returning customer

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Betty Valent, 3+ years ago

Meyers Heating replaced our 50 year old furnace with a York, 96% efficiency furnace. Matt met with us and gave us good options. It was not a difficult choice for us. Drew and Jeff arrived to do the install. They were friendly, professional, efficient and ever so careful to make sure it was done right. As the work progressed during the day, they also answered are questions. Matt showed up a couple of times to see how the work was going. It is easy to understand why Meyers is still in business--they do it right!

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Lee Quinby, 3+ years ago

John's furnace check-up was efficient, professional, and very helpful. He discovered and reported an unrelated, minor plumbing issue that also needs my attention. I am grateful for that assistance.

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