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Michael Radelet's Profile Image
Michael Radelet, 3+ years ago

Bill came out the other day and did the annual AC inspection. We passed with flying colors, but he took the time to teach me some basics of how the AC worked. Unfortunately, the next day the fan broke. He came out immediately and spent two hours fixing it -- all for a one-hour charge. I highly recommend this business (and Bill).

Tc Kalkins's Profile Image
Tc Kalkins, 3+ years ago

I've had 3 experiences with Meyers over the last 15 years. All of them very good.
Most recently, my 12 year old furnace was not working, there was no flame.
Meyers cleaned the flame sensor and charged me $85.
Meyers has been honest, courteous and educational.
They were recommended to me and I highly recommend Meyers.

Brendan Billingsley's Profile Image
Brendan Billingsley, 3+ years ago

Great service, extremely competent and professional as well as patient discussing problems and maintenance with me.

Ingrid DiPaula's Profile Image
Ingrid DiPaula, 3+ years ago

Meyers is the best! We are well cared for -- in all seasons. They respond and remind us. We can count on quality work and a friendly smile.
Ingrid with DesignInk in Boulder, CO

Lauren Shuler's Profile Image
Lauren Shuler, 3+ years ago

We had a simple issue with our furnace and called around to get quotes. First of all, they gave us a much more reasonable quote than another company in town, but also said that if we felt comfortable doing it, we should probably just fix it ourselves (and talked us through how to do it) since it was less than a five minute job. It was incredibly simple to do with their directions, and our furnace is working great again! I couldn't be happier not only with the level of service but mostly with the honesty. I know we'll be getting a new furnace in the next couple years (ours is very old and we're adding on to our home) and they will 100% be the people we call. Thank you for the incredible service!

Shelly Anderson's Profile Image
Shelly Anderson, 3+ years ago

Jim was solid during the 2013 flood, with his quote and had a plan to replace my furnace, ducts and everything. I recommend Meyers Heating & A/C, and will have them install a new air conditioner for me this summer. It is good to work with local craftsmen who uphold a great reputation!

Rick Gary's Profile Image
Rick Gary, 3+ years ago

Did a great job and really helped us out, as our previous furnace had been destroyed by the 2013 flood and the nights were starting to get really cold.

Geoff Baysinger's Profile Image
Geoff Baysinger, 3+ years ago

My heater went out over the holidays while I was gone. I called this morning at 9am. My heater was repaired by noon. Its a 10 year old unit and the ignition was going out.

I had called a different service (at random out of the yellow pages) but their technician was out and it was going to be a couple of weeks. They recommended Meyers.

They were quick, courteous, affordable, and explained all they were doing. Can't imagine a better experience.

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