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How a Thermostat Can Change Your AC Service


Our AC systems are responsible for keeping us cool, comfortable, and safe during those hot summer months. If you’ve been looking for ways to get better air conditioning service in Louisville, CO, one place to start is looking at upgrading your thermostat. The thermostat is one of the most integral parts of your entire AC setup. And today, they’re more sophisticated than ever before, making an upgrade well worth the investment. 

In this article, we’ll explain the difference between the three types of thermostats you’ll find in the wild. Then we’ll take a look at why upgrading yours to a newer model can make your AC experience the best it can be.

What Types of Thermostats are Available?

As mentioned, there are three main types of thermostats found in most homes: manual, programmable, and smart/wifi. Manual thermostats are the old dial types where you turn a knob and don’t offer much outside of just controlling the temp. Programmable thermostats are a notch up and set the temperature automatically to a predetermined level. Finally, smart/wifi are the newest types and provide a host of features such as letting you change the temperature remotely, adjusting the temperature when people are gone, and much more.

5 Benefits of Getting a New Thermostat

If you want the most of your AC, a smart thermostat is the way to go. However, a programmable thermostat offers some good advantages as well. Let’s take a look at the key benefits you’ll get from upgrading your thermostat.

1. You’ll Save Money

The biggest advantage of upgrading your thermostat is that it makes your HVAC system more energy-efficient. That’s because you can program it to turn off when people are away and turn it on when everyone gets back home. Smart thermostats take it a step further and can learn your habits to do it automatically.

2. They’re Easier to Use

Newer thermostats use a digital output so you can easily set it to the temperature you want. With older manual models, it can be difficult to dial it in just right. Also, if it’s wifi-enabled, you can do all of it while relaxing on the sofa right from your phone.

3. It Will Increase the Lifespan of Your AC System

Since your AC isn’t working as hard, it will last longer and reduce the need for repairs from wear and tear. It can add years to the lifespan of your AC system, especially with smart thermostats.

4. They Provide More Information

Newer thermostats can tell you information such as energy usage, problems with the machine, and much more. Using this can help you find small issues before they become huge problems.

5. You’ll Have Complete Control Over Temperature Zone

Another benefit is that newer thermostats let you control the temp in different areas of the house. That means everyone can have their room just how they like it without affecting everyone else.

Ready for an upgrade or are you in need of other air conditioning services in Louisville, CO? Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals concerning your thermostat service.

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