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Most Common Repairs For Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioning units are becoming increasingly popular. Sure, they cost more upfront to install, but the benefits can really outweigh that drawback. Not only will you reduce your utility bills, but you’ll also enjoy the flexibility that these systems provide.

Perhaps you want to know what types of repairs are common with ductless systems. If you do need ductless air conditioning repair, our team is here to help. Keep reading to learn about 5 common repairs that ductless air conditioners need. Understanding these common problems can help you identify them early and stay ahead of more expensive repairs. 

Leaks From Condensation

Because each room of your house essentially has a full HVAC system that is smaller, condensation leaks are more common. That’s because your smaller unit has more handlers that are cycling refrigerant through to heat and cool the air compared to a larger system.

If the condensate drain cannot keep up with the moisture produced by this process, the extra water may leak down your wall. Don’t ignore ductless system leaks or try to come up with a DIY solution. Instead, enlist the help of our experts so we can help you prevent the same problem in the future.

Refrigerant Leaks

The problem with condensation can also impact refrigerant lines. Your smaller units need comparatively more refrigerant to heat and cool each space. A larger amount of refrigerant means a greater potential for leaks. Refrigerant leaks are fairly common with ductless units. If you suspect that you may have a refrigerant leak, you should listen for whistling or bubbling sounds. 

Poor Installation

Installing a ductless unit is very different from installing a more standard HVAC system. You definitely want to make sure you have an expert that understands ductless mini split systems specifically. That initial installation is crucial to energy efficiency over the life of use.

The biggest problem with installation is not charging the refrigerant lines properly. A poor refrigerant charge can mean that your unit has to work harder to cool your home down. You may also notice that one room doesn’t get as warm or cool as you expect it to.

Fan Blowers

Each individual unit has an air handler that blows air into the room. There isn’t ductwork to channel airflow through, so your blower fan has to work harder to get the air out and circulating in the room. As the blower works harder, it can break down more quickly. You may consider turning on a ceiling fan or having another plug-in fan that can help to circulate the air in each room so your ductless mini split system does not have to work as hard. 

You also need to invest in regular maintenance for your ductless system, just as you would for a traditional air conditioner. Annual maintenance is an opportunity for our experts to identify and fix ductless mini split problems early. You can stay ahead of repair needs and implement fixes before you’re even aware that anything is wrong.

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