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The Top 3 HVAC Services Every Home Needs

There are three HVAC services that every home needs. Can you skip out on these services? Absolutely. But it’s like skipping out on oil changes for your car, which you would never do. Your HVAC system was very expensive to purchase and install, and when you maintain it, you’re taking care of that initial investment.

HVAC services offer both long-term and short-term benefits for your home and family. So if you need HVAC services in Longmont, our team is here to help. We offer a variety of services, but you can keep reading to learn more about the top three HVAC services we offer and why they are so important.

Annual Maintenance

The best investment you can make in your HVAC system is annual maintenance. Ideally, you want to have maintenance on your air conditioner once a year and your heater once a year. The services should be scheduled after the demanding seasons. For your air conditioner, that’s right after summer. For your heater, that’s right after winter.

If you do have a system that is an all-in-one heating and cooling such as a heat pump, you still want to schedule maintenance twice per year. It’s great to have an expert look at the system and identify any small problems before they become big ones. You can help to maintain your HVAC system’s energy efficiency while also ensuring that it lasts for years to come.

Clean Coils and Condensers

Your HVAC system has a lot of intricate parts. You have indoor and outdoor coils that work to heat or cool air and bring in or remove heat from your home. Over time, these coils can get dirty and develop blockages that impact how well your home gets heated or cooled. This is especially true of the coils on your outdoor unit that are more exposed to the elements.

Duct Cleaning

Your air filter is designed to keep dust and dirt out of your HVAC system. But, if your air filter gets too clogged, dust and dirt can make their way in. It’s also possible for your ductwork to have holes that allow dust and dirt into the system. These tiny particles may not sound like a big problem to you, but over time they can be. 

Dust and dirt build up to create a significant layer in your ductwork or elsewhere in your system. And this dust can impact airflow, and it can also reduce lubrication between parts. Your HVAC system may begin to make unusual sounds like grinding. When you invest in ductwork cleaning, you eliminate a lot of this dust so that it is not a problem in the future. During a duct cleaning, our team also assesses the seals around your ductwork to ensure that more dust won’t get in in the future. 

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