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Your Options for AC Installation

When it’s time to install a new air conditioner, you have a variety of options. You may be wondering which one is the best for your home and family. You can do research online, but it’s also a great idea to have input from an HVAC professional.

If you have been searching for air conditioning installation near me, you reached the right team. Give us a call to schedule your in-home assessment and we can review your options with you. You can also keep reading to get a general idea of what your AC options are, as well as a few pros and cons of each one.

Ductless Heat Pumps

A ductless heat pump is also called a ductless mini split. This type of air conditioner is very different from your standard whole house options. A ductless mini split is made up of several smaller units that get installed in the individual rooms of your home, all connecting together to a single outdoor unit. This unique setup allows you to customize temperature control for individual rooms of your house. 

One person can have their unit set to be warmer or cooler than the rest of the house without any issue. It is important to plan for the fact that ductless mini split systems are usually more expensive to install upfront, although you will enjoy energy bills that are lower over the lifespan of the system.

Central Air Conditioners

A central air conditioner is pretty much considered the standard option for home cooling. While there are more efficient options available, like the ductless mini split we talked about above, don’t be too quick to write off a standard central air conditioner. With advancements in the HVAC industry, central air conditioners are now highly efficient and can slash your energy costs by a lot. 

It all comes down to choosing a unit with a high SEER2 rating. This means choosing an air conditioner that uses less energy to produce cooling results. Of course, you do have to consider that a central air conditioner also requires maintenance and cleaning the ductwork for optimal efficiency. If you have a central air conditioner, plan on getting your ductwork cleaned and inspected at least every 3-5 years.

Inverter Air Conditioners 

An inverter air conditioner is very similar to a central air conditioner with one key difference. Inverter technology allows your air conditioner to control motor speed for additional efficiency. The standard central air conditioner will only have one motor speed. 

Inverter technology helps to raise or lower motor speed to meet your cooling needs. If your air conditioner is cooling your home effectively, motor speed may slow down. If it’s a particularly hot day and your air conditioner is struggling to keep your home cool, inverter technology may speed that motor up to elevate your comfort levels.

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