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Help Your Heater Make It Through Heating Season

If you have an older heater, you may already know that it will be time to invest in a replacement in the coming years. But right now you just want to get through another winter season without any hiccups. That’s where heating maintenance comes in. Scheduling this valuable service is important across your heater’s entire lifespan.

Even if you have a newer heater, scheduling maintenance each year is the best way to keep it running great through each winter season without a breakdown. You can keep reading to learn more about Longmont heating services and the steps you can take to make sure your heater is in great condition for the entire winter season.

Change the Air Filter

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your heating system this season is change out the air filter on time. Whether you have a filter rated to last a month or three months, it is important to change it out for a clean filter on time. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a peek at your filter ahead of when you’re supposed to change it just in case it is already full of dust.

Allowing the air filter to get two full causes a couple of different problems. First, it begins allowing dust and dirt particles to seep through and get into your heater. But it also blocks airflow into your heater. After all, the area where your air filter is located is the single intake for air into your heater. Without adequate airflow, your heater cannot produce heat to blow into your home.

Check the Exhaust Vent

The outside exhaust vent is another important factor when you consider airflow. During the heating process, clean air is separated from exhaust air. The clean air channels through your ductwork and out the vents in individual rooms of your home. The exhaust air needs to channel outside of your home to a separate exhaust vent. If it gets trapped inside of your heating system because of an obstruction, it can add strain that impacts how effectively your heater can operate.

Wipe Down the Inside

This is an especially important step if you have a gas furnace. The chamber where ignition happens can get very dusty and dirty. Soot buildup can impact ignition and how well a furnace is able to create the combustion process for heating your home. 

Wiping down around the burners regularly is a great step to include in your furnace maintenance process. Of course, you want to keep in mind that you should turn your furnace off and allow it to cool down completely before wiping down the chamber.

Dust and Vacuum

Since dust and dirt can have a major negative impact on how your heater operates, it is increasingly important that you dust and vacuum during the winter season when you’re using your heating system. This can reduce the amount of dust that gets into your heater, ultimately helping to optimize how your heater runs.

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