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The Best Ways to Boost Your Heating Efficiency This Year


We talk a lot about the efficiency of your air conditioner in the hottest months of summer. But what about making sure your heater is efficient? That’s equally important. Heating your home can cost a lot of money, especially during the coldest days of winter. 

When you keep heating efficiency at the top of your mind all winter season you can lower your monthly energy bills while still keeping your family comfortable. If you need Boulder heating service because something doesn’t seem quite right, we can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn about the best ways to boost your heating efficiency this year. 

5 Tips For Boosting Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency starts with your actual heating unit, but it doesn’t end there. You can take steps around your home to maximize your heater’s efficiency and lower your monthly energy bill.

  1. Close windows and doors. Fresh air is great for your home and health. But be mindful of when you keep doors and windows open. If you do want to bring in the fresh air, do it in the middle of the day when temperatures are the highest. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed and well-sealed each day. Even the tiniest cracks can let warm air out and cold air in. And you’re not paying to heat the whole neighborhood!
  2. Check for places air can escape. Cracks aren’t limited to your windows and doors. Your ductwork can lead to a loss of warm air before it even has a chance to reach your home. Annual heater maintenance can ensure that your ductwork is properly sealed so that all the warm air your heater creates blows directly into your home. 
  3. Choose smart thermostat settings. You want your home to be warm, but just a few degrees can make a huge difference in your energy bill. The US Department of Energy recommends that you set your heater no higher than 68 degrees in the winter. Every degree above that means that your heater has to work harder and longer to heat your home.
  4. Layer up. You can create additional warmth by adding layers. Wear a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. Wear socks and slippers. When you sit on the couch or go to bed at night, use a couple of blankets. This may be uncomfortable at first if you’re used to keeping your home significantly warmer, but over time you will adjust and enjoy the slightly lower temperature. 
  5. Prioritize repairs. When you know that something is wrong with your heater, address the problem right away. Wear and tear can make your system work harder for the same results. Working harder means using more energy, and using more energy means a higher power bill. When your heater is in peak condition, it can work more efficiently to heat your home. 

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