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Why Your Furnace Can’t Provide Adequate Heating

Has this winter been rough for you? It’s easy for these feelings to occur if you’re struggling to get your home get warm or stay warm. If you notice these issues, then we’d suggest considering furnace repair in Boulder, CO. Our winter weather here in Boulder can get pretty cold and it’s definitely not something you can expect to experience comfortably without a solid heater. 

The beauty of our team is that we’re always up to a challenge. We want to be able to provide you with great furnace services. If you’re having considerable trouble with your home’s furnace, then we’re the team members who can help you get things back on track. Let’s talk about this below…

Troubles Your Furnace Might Have…

Here are a few troubles that your heater might have this season.

Thermostat Isn’t Working

Typically, one of the first signs that your home’s heater is in for a little trouble is a malfunctioning thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat can mean a variety of things. It can be as severe as your thermostat not responding and turning on your heater when you set it to a specific temperature. It can also be as simple as your thermostat not seeming as precise as usual. In either scenario, it’s important to act fast and rectify this issue.

Low Airflow

If it takes much longer to heat your home up than usual, then the first thing you should check is your home’s airflow. Checking this is as simple as walking over to one of your vents and putting your hand up to it. If you notice that the airflow isn’t steady or strong, then it’s time to have a professional take a deep dive.

A Discolored Pilot Light 

Your pilot light should always burn a bright, steady blue. If you’ve noticed that your heater isn’t able to heat up your home quickly or efficiently, then it’s time to check in on your pilot light. This is surprisingly common. Our professionals can solve the problem for you in a fast and efficient manner. We’re going to make sure that your pilot light is back on track in no time. 

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your home’s energy bills are getting a little out of hand? This is something that can happen during the peak heating season. If you notice that your energy bills are getting out of control with no clear cause, however, then it’s time to investigate. It’s likely that you have a worn part somewhere within your system. We can pinpoint it and correct the issue for you. 

Strange and Loud Noises

Have you noticed that there are some strange and/or loud noises coming from your home’s heater when you run it? These are always bad news. Strange and loud noises indicate an issue somewhere in your home’s heating network. If you allow the problem to persist and grow worse with time, then you might even risk a breakdown. We’re committed to stopping the problem before it grows worse.

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