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Air Conditioning Services in Boulder, CO

When people think of Colorado, they often imagine beautiful mountain landscapes and crisp, chill air. While this does represent a major part of our wonderful state, it doesn’t represent the conditions here all the time. You’re a resident here so you know that sometimes our warm weather can really get hot. You’re going to need a great air conditioning system in your home to keep you cool.

If you’re looking for a reliable air conditioning system, you can schedule an appointment with our professionals. We offer efficient, reliable, and cost-effective HVAC services provided by an exceptional in-house team of technicians that can perform the work that you need. Get in touch with us today.

Looking for Boulder, CO air conditioning services? Contact us today.

2023 Incentives are Available Now!

Interested in new HVAC equipment or services? You may qualify for one or more of the new incentives available. Call us today to learn more about how you can take advantage of the funds available for equipment like high-efficiency heat pumps to help with your heating and cooling needs.

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A Wide Variety of AC Services

We offer a wide variety of air conditioning services because we understand each home here is unique. You can come to us to serve the following systems:

  • Ductless Heat Pumps: Are you looking for air conditioning services that provide you with customized comfort. Ductless mini splits use individual air handlers to give you a higher level of comfort. Contact our technicians to learn more.
  • Central Air Conditioners: Central air conditioners are the air conditioners that you’re used to in your home. These systems are the most popular across the country. They utilize your centralized network of ducts to keep you cool.
  • Inverter Air Conditioners: Inverter air conditioners allow your air conditioner to provide you with adaptable home comfort. If you want great power at an affordable price, you can come to our team.
  • Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats: A Wi-Fi or smart thermostat can be the thing that takes your air conditioning system from good to great. Make sure that you ask our professionals about these units for your home.
  • Commercial Air Conditioning: We’ve got your commercial air conditioning services covered too! You can come to our team to get the service required to keep your office, business, school, etc. cool in the summer.

We can help you with any air conditioning service that you need. Call us today to learn more about your options.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Are you looking for air conditioning installation or replacement services that you can count on? Air conditioning installation is important because it sets the tone for your air conditioning services for the future. Air conditioning replacement is crucial too—you want an overhaul of your air conditioning system to be worthwhile if you’re going to go through with the AC services.

You don’t have to scramble to try and find professionals you can count on. You can come to our Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning professionals for the work that you need. We pride ourselves on providing quality HVAC craftsmanship every single time.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

We know that it can be difficult to find the right AC repair or maintenance services. Your air conditioning maintenance is the one service that can help you reach a reliable, low-cost, and consistently cool summer. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with our team each spring to get the service you need.

We can help you get the air conditioning repair work that you need too. Air conditioning repair needs to be performed by a professional technician to ensure that you get the job done the right way the first time every single time. Contact our team today for a free second opinion on AC services in Boulder, CO and the surrounding area.

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