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Should You Install an Inverter Air Conditioner?

If you have been considering an AC upgrade, you may be thinking about an inverter model. These unique air conditioners offer a few benefits that a standard air conditioner cannot offer. Just give us a call when you’re ready to schedule an assessment for AC installation in Boulder.

We can talk to you about your different AC options, including both a standard central air conditioner and an inverter AC. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about what makes an inverter model different from a standard air conditioner.

What Makes an Inverter AC Different?

An inverter air conditioner essentially has a variable-speed motor. Traditional central air conditioners have a motor that operates at a single speed for cooling your home. This means that your air conditioner is always working as hard as it can to keep your home comfortable. 

But there are days that are milder and don’t require as much cooling power. In the spring and fall months, an inverter is beneficial because it can save you money on your monthly energy costs by slowing down the operating speed and consuming less energy when you don’t need as much cooling power.

Benefits of an Inverter AC

When you boost energy efficiency, you ultimately save money on your monthly energy costs. Saving even just a few dollars each month can really add up over the years. Just think: $10 per month over a year is $120, which is a total of $1,200 over a ten-year period.

Perhaps an even better benefit is that an inverter air conditioner may take on less wear and tear if it doesn’t have to work as hard. Let’s face it, our summers are not as hot as the temperatures that the southernmost states experience during the summer season. An inverter AC is excellent for our climate because the units can maximize energy efficiency more often.

When your AC doesn’t wear down as quickly, the lifespan may extend beyond what is considered average. You can usually expect a central air conditioner to last for 10 to 15 years. And with proper maintenance and care, an inverter air conditioner could last closer to the 15-year mark.

Installation Considerations

It is important to note that inverter ACs are more expensive for upfront installation. Since the system has a more complex design, your unit may also cost a bit more for routine maintenance compared to a more basic AC that doesn’t use inverter technology. The energy savings could help outweigh these higher costs, but it really comes down to your preferences.

We can help you talk through the options and decide what is right for your home and family. If you want to take additional steps to care for your inverter AC and prevent problems, you can wipe down and vacuum the inside of the indoor unit. Just take the cover off to wipe away dust buildup and vacuum the surfaces. Be careful so that you don’t damage your unit when completing these tasks.

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