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A Better CO Monitor: The Defender

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

It’s important to stay in your home. A great way to start is with a carbon monoxide monitor. Did you know that carbon monoxide is the most common cause of poisoning death in the U.S.? Low-level exposure to carbon monoxide is dangerous. You don’t want to ignore this.

You can keep your home safe with the Defender—the low-level CO monitor. This monitor is different because most common monoxide detectors don’t alert below ppm (parts per million). The Defender detects everything from 5-500 ppm. In fact, the Defender will alert at 5 ppm in 10 minutes, 15 ppm in 60 minutes, and 25 ppm in 30 minutes. This means you’ll know that your home is in potential danger sooner. This system helps you and your family stay safe.

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