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Is Your Heating System Ready for the Holidays in Colorado?

It’s no secret that our area faces its fair share of very cold weather during the winter. No matter how much you bundle up to go outside, you want to be warm and comfortable when you arrive back home. But is your heater or furnace up to the task?

If your furnace had issues last year, it may be time to schedule HVAC repair in Boulder, CO. It’s better to get ahead of any potential problems now so that you can rest easy all winter long knowing that your heater works at its best. You can keep reading to learn more about how you know whether or not your heater is ready to heat your home consistently and efficiently this winter

Importance of Professional Service

Even if your heater is working very well, it still needs professional service. When you have our team of expert technicians take a look at your heater, we can make sure that everything stays in excellent condition so it can continue to work well when you especially want it to–during the holidays. 

If you skip out on professional maintenance each year, wear and tear has a greater opportunity to build up inside of the system. Annual maintenance is kind of like an opportunity to reset some of that wear and tear that your heater takes on as a part of everyday use during the winter. It’s how you get more life out of your heater.

Homeowner Maintenance

Aside from professional maintenance, there are also care steps that you can take as a homeowner to make sure your heater is always at its best. Examples of this include changing out the air filter every 1-3 months, maintaining space around your heater, and paying attention to any unusual sounds or changes to how your heater operates. 

If you have a gas furnace, you can also turn the system off completely, let the heater cool down all the way, and then wipe away soot buildup from around the igniter. If we have other recommendations for maintenance steps that you can complete for your specific heater, we can talk to you about those during an annual heater maintenance appointment.

Know When to Call for Repairs

Aside from just paying attention to unusual changes to how your heater operates, you also have to take action when you notice these changes. It is important to stay ahead of heater problems by scheduling a repair appointment sooner rather than later. When you prioritize service the first time that you notice something different about your furnace, our team has the best opportunity to fix it. 

If problems fester for too long, the damage can spread within the system and become a more expensive repair job. The best case scenario is that we visit your home and everything is fine. Worst case scenario, we find something wrong and fix it before it gets worse. 

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