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Yeah, You Can Still Handle that AC Repair


So last summer your home’s air conditioner started to act a little weird. Maybe it started making noises that were a little concerning, it started blowing warm air, or it just couldn’t cool you off like it did in the past. No matter what was going on, you started to realize that your air conditioner just wasn’t living up to your standards anymore. You put “call an HVAC company about the air conditioner” on your to-do list, but the weeks came and went and, before you knew it, fall was here. We know that we’re the professionals, but we’ve been there before—we’re not perfect either.

We say all this to let you know that if you didn’t schedule an appointment for your air conditioning services, it’s not too late to do so now. You can come to us for what you need at home. We’re always going to have your back.

Not Sure When to Call?

Here are a few signs that you should call our team for air conditioning repair services. Remember, procrastination on an air conditioning issue can lead to a bigger repair issue or even a breakdown. Call our professionals sooner than later when you need great work.

You’ve Got Uneven Heating and Cooling

Do you ever notice that certain rooms in your home are scorching hot while others seem to always run cold? This is a sign that you’ve got uneven heating and cooling. Trust us, there’s a certain level of imbalance in every home, but if the imbalance is significant then it’s a sign that you have a real air conditioning problem on your hands. We can handle it though—call today.

You’ve Got a Noisy Unit

Do you hear odd sounds coming from your air conditioning system? “Odd sounds” can be anything from a weird, persistent whirring sound to loud banging. An odd sound is really just anything that you don’t typically hear coming from your air conditioning system. These weird noises are your air conditioning system sounding off. Don’t ignore it! It’s an early warning sign of trouble and we want to fix these problems fast.

You Have High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills getting out of hand? This is a problem no matter how you slice it, but it’s an especially big issue if you notice that your energy bills are high even when you haven’t run your air conditioning system in a manner that’s atypical. It’s a sign of inefficiency and you need our professionals to help.

You Have Low Airflow

If you feel that your air conditioner is barely emitting any cool air, we’re sure that this isn’t all in your head. Call a professional and we can take a closer look at your system. We can find the source of backup and work to eliminate the problem too.

We understand that every home is different, that’s why we treat all our individual homeowners with care. Call us today.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning services in Boulder, CO.

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