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5 Noises You Shouldn’t Hear From Your Furnace

Your furnace should be a pretty quiet system. We know that you’re accustomed to the sounds of your home and the odd sounds that you hear might even become comforting to you. You’re no longer alarmed by the sounds of your floorboards and doors shrinking or expanding in the morning in the night, the springy sound of your door handle is routine, and the whirring hum of your home’s oven heating up is the sound of a good meal coming your way… but what’s the weird sound coming from your heater? That’s a new one.

We’re here to help you with furnace repair in Longmont, CO because, let’s be honest, if you’re hearing weird furnace noises then that’s where you’re heading. Our services can restore the quiet comfort that your furnace offered originally.

Some Odd Sounds

Here are some noises that you don’t want to hear from your home’s heater:

1.      Clicking

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves here. We don’t want to have you read the heading “clicking” and think that this is a sound that’s always a sign of gloom and doom. Clicking can be normal if it’s something that you hear when your home’s heater first turns on. You might even notice the sound of a click when your home’s heater turns off if your ears are super fine-tuned. You shouldn’t hear clicks outside of this time though. If you do, then this is an indicator of electrical issues.

2.      Scraping

Are you hearing loud scraping sounds when you listen in closely to your heater? Scraping might also sound like metal on metal movements. Sometimes your heater becomes misaligned and parts that aren’t supposed to touch start to do so creating concerning noises like these.

3.      Squealing

Your heater is squealing like a little kid at an amusement park. This is a noise that you’d probably expect anywhere but in your home coming from your heater. A squealing sound may be the sound of your heater’s fan belt wearing out or crying out for lubricant. You don’t want to let this go on for too long. Your heater’s fan belt is vital to your system operation.

4.      Grinding

Are you hearing loud, mechanical grinding going on in your home? This could indicate a couple of different problems. Some of the top issues could be problems with your blower, bearings, or just a need for lubricant. You need one of our professionals to figure out the source of the problem.

5.      Popping or Banging

Popping, banging, slapping… these are all the descriptors that can start to overlap depending on who you are. No matter how you’d like to describe it, these sounds typically indicate a problem with your burner or ignition system.

These sounds are alarming, to say the least, and they do indicate a pretty deep issue going on with your home’s heater. You shouldn’t ignore these noises just because they’re few and far between. This is a problem that you want professional service for.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning for your furnace needs this winter season.

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