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Don’t Ignore This Furnace Problem


Winter is underway. Is your furnace up to the test?

Think through this fall season—how has everything been so far? If you’ve had effective, low-cost heating the entire season, then you’re doing well for yourself. If you’ve had anything less than this, your home’s heater might be deteriorating. We’re here to help you handle this before the problems get too severe.

Furnace repair in Broomfield, CO doesn’t have to be difficult in the slightest. In reality, you can get everything you need from our professionals. We’re local and we’re experienced too. This means that we can get in your home, perform your repair work, and get our fast.

Furnace Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Here are some furnace problems that you should always address ASAP. Leaving them without proper care only means that you’ll cause trouble for your home:

1.      Excessive Noise

Note that we made this topic-specific and made it excessive noise here. Your heater is going to make a minimal amount of noise in your home. You might hear minor sounds of popping as your home’s vents expand and contract while adjusting to the changing temperatures. If you hear excessive and loud noises though, this means that you need to schedule an appointment with our team. We’re here to help.

2.      Insufficient Heating

Feeling that it’s necessary to push your home’s heater to extreme limits just to get proper heating is a terrible sign. You need high-quality heating, and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get it. Insufficient heating is a sign of a failing heater. You could benefit from heating repair to improve your heating efficiency.

3.      Short Cycles

Does your heater run in short, incomplete cycles in your home? If it does, then this means that your home’s efficiency is terrible. Short cycling is a bad sign. Even if you feel like it’s not affecting the way that your home is heating right now, it’s eventually going to wear down your home’s heater. You don’t want your heater to break down this winter.

4.      Long Run Times

The opposite problem of short cycling is an excessively long run time. This means that your heating is just as inefficient. If you’re noticing that your heater runs all day and night without any finish line in sight, this means that you’re not getting great heating quality. You want your heater to work better than this during winter. You’re going to run into big problems with this during the upcoming season. We’re here to help you.

5.      Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

Have you noticed that your home’s thermostat reading is grossly inaccurate? This means that you’re having a problem with your home’s overall heating ecosystem. We’re going to help you get exactly what you need for your home’s heater. Don’t ignore a problem like this. It’s actually an issue. Your heater won’t be able to turn on, off, or cycle properly if the thermostat isn’t working well.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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