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Don’t Put Off These 5 Heating Repairs

No matter what type of heating system you have, maintenance is crucial in keeping the system running at its best. From heat pumps to furnaces and gas to electric models, each heater has its own unique needs that can be addressed through regular maintenance. We are highlighting some common heating repairs that you might experience with heating and air in Boulder.

Anytime you think something is going wrong with your heater, you should call to schedule service right away. Your intuition is usually right, and it’s always a good idea to get ahead of problems quickly. You can keep reading to learn more about the five most common heating repairs we see and why you need to schedule service right away if you notice any of the accompanying red flags. 

1. Unusual Operating Cycles

One common reason that we get calls for service is that a heater is not operating the way it should to heat a home. For example, your heater may turn on and stay on without ever taking a break. Or, maybe it turns on and off frequently without ever staying on long enough to heat your home.

There could be a lot of factors contributing to this problem, but the most common one we see is a lack of airflow. For example, maybe you need to change your air filter out because it is clogged. Or maybe the exhaust leading away from your home is blocked and preventing exhaust air from being able to channel outside.

2. Thermostat

It’s also common to see thermostat problems contribute to issues with a heater. Sometimes the problem is not with your heater at all, but instead with the connections between your heater and your thermostat. Sometimes thermostats get dirty, and the buildup interferes with functionality. Other times thermostats need to be recalibrated or have batteries replaced.

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat, we recommend that you invest in one. A smart thermostat can go a long way toward helping your heater operate more efficiently. You can automate settings, and your thermostat can’t even make recommendations that can help you lower energy costs while still staying comfortable.

3. Electrical Malfunctions

No matter what type of heater you have, electrical malfunctions are also a common problem. Even gas furnaces have to use some electrical power. Temperature changes between hot and cold mean that the electrical wires expand and contract again and again. This can lead to wires loosening up and causing shorts. 

4. Unique Heat Pump Repair Needs

If you have a heat pump, it may face some different repair needs compared to other types of heaters. The heat pump uses refrigerant for both heating and cooling. As a result, refrigerant leaks can impact heating during the winter time. 

It’s also possible that some of the components that allow your heat pump to bring heat into your home can malfunction. The reversing valve is the most common example of this. If your heat pump is not operating the way it should, just give our team a call to schedule service. We can troubleshoot and figure out what the problem is.

5. Unique Furnace Repair Needs

If you have a gas furnace, you may have unique problems that other types of heaters do not have. You have to be aware of the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. You also want to be aware of how your furnace operates on a regular basis so you can pinpoint anything out of the ordinary. 

For example, if you hear a loud booming sound when your furnace is starting up, this is a red flag that the combustion process is not happening the way it should. This small explosion could cause the heat exchanger to crack and leak out toxic fumes. If you have a gas furnace, you should always have carbon monoxide detectors installed as a safety precaution in the case of a gas leak.

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