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Handle Your Heating Repair Now


We know that we’ve just arrived in the fall season. You might not be thinking about your heating needs quite yet. We want you to turn your attention to this part of your home now though.

It’s always best to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your heating needs here. It gets quite cold in our area of Colorado and you want to stay warm. If you put off your Longmont heating repairs last year, then it means that you need to get on top of it now. Your heating repair work should be done by our professionals. We’re going to make sure that you have the best heating work possible. You can trust us to keep you warm this winter.

When to Call Us

Here are the signs that you need to call our heating professionals for your heating repair work:

1.      Flickering Flame

We know that you probably don’t take a peek into your furnace often, but if you’ve had furnace trouble in the past, then it’s time for you to do so now. You always want to see a strong, steady unwavering flame in your home. If you take a peek into your furnace and notice anything less than this, then this means that you have significant heating trouble.

2.      Odd Color Flame

Yup, we’re talking about your furnace flame again here. Have you noticed that your home’s furnace flame is an odd color? Your furnace flame should always be a healthy blue color. If you’ve noticed that the flame color is red, orange, yellow, or any other odd color, then it means that you need professional care. Your furnace flame is wavering and even if you don’t see the effects of this coming through now, you’re going to notice them soon.

3.      Strange Noises

Have you noticed that your heater has started to make some weird noises when you run it? Maybe you’ve noticed banging, rattling, scraping, or even grating noises. The trouble with troubling noises like this is that each sound indicates a different issue. Make sure you call us as soon as possible to get the service you need.

4.      Low Heating Power

Are you running your home’s heater way longer than you should be? This is a side effect of low heating power. You might also notice that you have to turn your thermostat up to a higher temperature to get the comfort you’re used to. We’re going to help you get the service you need.

5.      Odd Cycling

Have you noticed your home’s furnace heating in odd cycles? You might notice that your heater short cycles or runs in long, seemingly never-ending cycles. It really doesn’t matter what’s happening with the cycle. If you can classify this cycle as “odd,” then you need to get in touch with our team. There could be various reasons why your home’s heater is acting this way. We’re going to make sure that you have the best work possible.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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