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When to Give Your Furnace a Helping Hand

These winter nights are getting cold. If you’ve noticed that your home is having trouble getting warm, then we suggest that you consider giving your furnace a helping hand in your home. When temperatures start to dip and when daylight savings is in full swing, we know that you want to slow down. You’re going to bed earlier and cozying up on your couch to watch all your favorite movies. While this is a great thing to do on these chilly evenings, we want you to make sure that your furnace is provided with proper furnace repair in Erie, CO

It’s likely that you’ve run into large furnace repair needs or even furnace breakdowns in the past. The troubling thing about this is that there are always signs that your furnace needs help. It’s just about recognizing them. We’re going to point out these signs today. 

These Are the Signs That Your Furnace Needs Help

Here are the signs that your furnace might need a little aid from a professional this season. 

Inconsistent Temperatures

Have you noticed that there are inconsistent temperatures throughout your home? Yes, there are going to be slight temperature variations but that isn’t what we are talking about. Your bedroom might be a little bit warmer than the other rooms in your home because it’s upstairs, but make sure that the temperature differences aren’t shocking leaps from room to room. If you’re noticing big imbalances throughout your home, then it’s a sign that you should schedule an appointment with our professionals. 

High Energy Bills

Your home’s energy bills should always be within a reasonable range. If they aren’t, then it means that inefficiency is weighing your heating system down. High energy bills will prove to be a problem later on. Make sure that you care for your system in the best way possible. 

Noisy Operation

Your furnace definitely makes some amount of noise when it runs. You might notice a clicking noise when it turns on or off or a whooshing noise throughout your home. All these sounds are fine. Anything new, loud, or more extensive than this is going to be an issue. Noisy operation is bad news and typically points to greater problems down the road. 

A Lack of Heat

You should be able to get warm with ease in your home. If you notice that you’re struggling to get your heater to perform, then your next step should be repair work. This is your heater’s main job and if it’s failing to do it properly, then you need to take things back to the drawing board with the help of our professionals. 

Dust, Soot, or Dirt

An increased amount of dust throughout your home is actually indicative of a furnace issue. It’s typically one of the first signs that your home’s heater is having trouble circulating warm air through your home. If you’re having this problem, we also suggest that you take a look at your thermostat. If you notice soot or dirt on the actual component, then that means that it’s time to schedule an appointment with us.

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