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Do You Have The IAQ System You Need?


We’re rounding the last base on summer now and your HVAC system may not have been ideal for these past few months. Things happen and not everything can be perfect, but if your comfort suffered at the hands of your HVAC system, then it’s time to assess your needs. What was your HVAC system missing?

Most of the time, we see homeowners blame their air conditioning system more than anything. This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes, the problem isn’t already what you have at home, it’s actually what you’re missing.

We’re talking about indoor air quality systems in Louisville, CO. Sometimes, you just need a little extra help to get the comfort that you’re looking for. We’re going to help you find it. Schedule an appointment with us for what you need.

What Should You Choose?

The thing that we hear from most homeowners about IAQ is that the process is overwhelming. So many people don’t understand what the realm of “indoor air quality” is before we introduce it to them. Once they do understand, the problem becomes choosing an indoor air quality system that’s actually going to meet their needs and help their home. You’ve got options and we’ll walk you through them below:


If there’s one thing that we’re known for here in Colorado, it’s our crisp, clean mountain air. What no one seems to tell people though is that our crisp air can get a little too crisp. If things start to feel staticky in your home because the air is so dry, it’s time to call us up. You’re dealing with imbalanced humidity. You’re going to need a little more to actually keep your home in good shape.

Your home’s humidity should hover around 30% to 50%. If you feel dry, then it’s probably because your percentile has dipped below that 30% mark. We’ll help you get it back where it needs to be though!

Air Filters and Air Purifiers

These two are the tried and true heroes of IAQ. If you’ve got contaminants plaguing your home or your personal health then an air filter or an air purifier is what’s going to solve the problem. Air filters and air purifiers both clean your indoor air—they just do it in different ways.

Air filters use a series of tightly woven mesh fibers to weed out your home’s contaminants. Air purifiers use ultraviolet light to “zap” away from any contaminants.


There are those days here in Louisville when you look up and realize that you haven’t opened a window in your home in days. Sometimes this will happen in the dead of winter other times, this will happen at the height of summer. Although your temperature control is important, your indoor air quality work is too.

If you start to feel a little stuffy but don’t want to ruin your indoor temperature, you’re going to need an HRV system. HRV systems allow you to ventilate your home without sacrificing comfort. HRV systems pre-heat or pre-cool fresh air and then draw it into your home to help your IAQ.

Do you need a little more help? Call our team. We’re happy to assess your home and then walk you through everything IAQ on a personal level.

It’s time to take your indoor air quality seriously. Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today for the work you need.

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