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Susan Waltrip's Profile Image
Susan Waltrip, 3+ years ago

Larry is courteous, professional, very knowledgeable, instructive, pleasant to work with the whole time.

Les Helbak's Profile Image
Les Helbak, 3+ years ago

If you're searching for the best Heating and Air Conditioning company in the greater Denver area, look no further than Meyer's! I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I'm so pleased with every aspect of the job, that I simply to have to share my experience. We recently installed a complete new furnace and air conditioning system at our home in Boulder - a fairly significant investment, but worth every penny. As most of us do when spending this kind of money, we research and compare, and then hope that we were right. Well - we were so right in choosing Meyer's! What struck me as odd, was why they were so much less expensive than their competition. I interviewed three different companies, and there was an astonishing $6,000 range in cost! I still haven't figured it out. It wasn't the quality of the equipment, and it wasn't the quality of the workmanship. It sure as heck wasn't the quality of the service! As projects of this size go, there were a couple of very minor wrinkles. I have never however, had the Owner of a company immediately get involved to resolve the issues. Not only did the Owner himself a) respond to my original concerns, b) dispatch the experts, c) show-up in person at my house, but also follow-up to confirm complete satisfaction! I don't recall any other vendor that I've hired ever go to these lengths. As such, they've earned a "customer for life" and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Meyers' to my family, friends and neighbors.

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Mary Stults, 3+ years ago

Andy was great. We are very satisfied with the service we received!

Arthur Dalglish's Profile Image
Arthur Dalglish, 3+ years ago

Great communication and unit is working perfectly.

S&J Soborg's Profile Image
S&J Soborg, 3+ years ago

Larry is great! I hope he remains our technician forever.

Clifford Muller's Profile Image
Clifford Muller, 3+ years ago
Andrew Frank-Martin's Profile Image
Andrew Frank-Martin, 3+ years ago

These guys are the best.Yes, one or two mishaps. They responded to issues promptly and with integrity. Refreshing. Customer service is first rate.

Jess Prochaska's Profile Image
Jess Prochaska, 3+ years ago

Great experience. Larry was extremely helpful and professional. Call Meyers if you need help!

Nick Speichinger's Profile Image
Nick Speichinger, 3+ years ago
Amy K's Profile Image
Amy K, 3+ years ago

Nick is the best technician ever! He is super efficient and polite and he does a fantastic job.

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