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AC Installation Tips You Need to Know

If you’ve lived in your home for over a decade or two, then it’s likely that you’ll need to replace your air conditioning system eventually. The average air conditioning system lasts around 10–15 years. After it reaches this age, it’s important to start considering new units to make your transition from old to new as easy as possible. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned out your upgrade down to the detail or if you’ve come to this point due to a breakdown. There are some tips that will make your life much easier. We’re going to get into this below. No matter what, though, it’s important to get yourself the proper new AC installation in Boulder, CO with a team like ours. Our professionals are trustworthy because we’ve worked in the area dating back to 1963 and we take pride in our work. 

AC Upgrade Tips to Change the Game

Here are a few air conditioning installation tips that will change the way you operate.

Consider All Your Options

The first thing you should do is consider all the air conditioning options available. Of course, most of us in and around the Boulder area use a central air conditioner to cool our homes. While this is a great option and it’s familiar, it’s not necessarily the option that’s right for everyone. For example, our team has expertise in central air conditioners, ductless systems, and inverter air conditioners. One of these other two options might be best for your home. Our professionals are prepared to discuss this with you and get you the perfect model. 

Know What Got You Here

What brought you to the point you’re at today? Think back to when your current air conditioner was brand new. Make sure to consider any changes you’ve noticed in your operation over the years as well. 

For example, let’s say you got your current air conditioner installed 10 years ago. Although the air conditioner was powerful when it was first installed, you did notice temperature imbalances throughout your home during the early years. As time went on, you noticed odd problems stacking up, like irregular run times and high energy bills. These are all problems that can point to things like an improperly sized or installed air conditioning system. This is why it’s so important to have the right team by your side. 

Have the Right Professionals

Speaking of the right team, in our opinion, we’re the best of the best in the area. As we mentioned above, we’ve worked here dating back to 1963. We’ve used our decades in business only to grow and get better with time. We’re confident in our ability. It’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time.

Remember the Other Factors That Affect Your Cooling

There are other things that affect your home’s cooling power. This includes things like the ductwork in your home and your thermostat as well. If you need proper indoor air quality work or even a thermostat upgrade, you can turn to our professionals for the information and the work. 

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning this summer for your new air conditioning installation.

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