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AC Repair Issues That Can Lead to a Breakdown

When you encounter an air conditioning problem during the spring or summer season, it’s usually a race to figure out how quickly you can solve it. After all, you want to be cool during this time of the year. If you already know the signs that you might have an air conditioning problem, you’re already on the right track. Today, we want to take the time to focus on the problems that can lead to significant air conditioning trouble if they’re allowed to linger on. 

No matter what your air conditioner is going through, we’re the team who can help you with it. We specialize in ac repair in Erie, CO. Let’s get into what you should know below…

AC Problems That Can Lead to Bigger Issues

These are the air conditioning problems that you should note, keep an eye on, and then contact a professional to fix as soon as possible. 

Running an AC Unit with a Dirty Filter

It’s a bad idea to run your air conditioner with a dirty filter. We know this is something that many people might think is something they can get away with without ruining their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, this isn’t normally the case. We recommend that you change your air conditioning system’s filter once every three months or once a season because it sets a great foundation for your air conditioning system operation. 

Thermostat Troubles

Do you look at the readings on your thermostat in shock? If they seem way off base, then it might be because your thermostat is miscalibrated or isn’t equipped to determine the needs of your home. This is when you should consider an upgrade for your home. We’re here to guide you through this when you need it.

Odd Sounds (Particularly Rattling or Clanking)

If you’re hearing sounds like rattling or clanking, then you might be hearing a loose part rattling around in your air conditioning system still trying to work. Odd sounds like this shouldn’t go unnoticed or not taken care of. Make sure you’re calling out these problems and having a professional take care of them as soon as possible. 

Refrigerant Leaks

When your refrigerant leaks, it’s time to call in a professional. Even if the leak seems minor, it’s going to greatly decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system. If you’re trying to use your air conditioning through this problem, you’ll find yourself less satisfied with the cooling you’re receiving while paying even more. Our professional can take care of this.


One of the worst things you can do is procrastinate when it comes to that air conditioning problem. If this problem started at the beginning of the spring season and has lingered on for a while, take this as your sign to address the issue. Procrastination only allows your air conditioning problem to grow worse with time. You can fix things ASAP with the assistance of one of our team members, anywhere from Eerie, CO, to the surrounding region. 

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning services. 

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