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How to Spend Less on Your AC

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Summer is almost here. We know that you’ve got your pool floaties at the ready, your grill clean and ready to burn, and you’ve stocked up on sunscreen. It’s easy to focus on the fun parts of summer because there’s so much opportunity for it, but it’s important to focus on the basics as well. We’re talking about your air conditioning in Louisville, CO.

We’ve rounded up the best ways to save yourself some money on your air conditioning this upcoming season. It’s better to get the job started now so that your air conditioner is in the best shape possible when the height of the season arrives. Our techs are always here to help.

Try These Tips

Here are a few things you can try out to spend less on your air conditioning this summer:

Change Your Filter

You should be changing your HVAC system’s filter at least once every three months. You’re supposed to do this because changing out the filter sets you up for the best air conditioning service.

There’s buildup that accumulates in your system throughout a season. Your air filter is in charge of keeping this debris at bay. Make sure that your filter is fresh every season so that you can avoid the issues that come along with an older filter. These problems include poor operation, decreased indoor air quality, and ineffective cooling.

Increase Airflow

Make sure that you’re giving your air conditioner a fighting chance this spring. Make sure that nothing is blocking your home’s vents from clearly blowing air into your home. Check all your vents and make sure that they’re ready to roll.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Do you have a ceiling fan in your home? If you do, then this is the time of year where you need to utilize it.

Your ceiling fan works well with your air conditioner. Consider them a team this summer. If you’re looking to decrease your energy bills, this is a great way to do it. Make sure that you don’t leave your ceiling fan running when you’re not in the room, though. Ceiling fans cool you—nothing else.

Choose Better Temperatures

Don’t choose a temperature that sounds good in theory but is far too cold in reality. Choosing a mild temperature saves you time and money. Choosing cold temperatures that are far too cold for your actual comfort makes your home work harder for no real reason.

Avoid Excess Light

Does your morning routine involve getting up in the morning and opening up all your curtains and blinds to let in some light? We understand why you’d want to do this. It’s important to let in some light whether it’s just for your house plants or to lift your spirits. This habit can actually make you work even harder to cool your home during the warmer months, though.

Excess light slowly but surely raises the temperature in your home. You don’t have to turn your place into a cave just to stay cool. We suggest closing your home’s blinds during the height of the day.

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