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Should You Repair or Replace Your AC?

There’s trouble in paradise with your air conditioner and it begs the question… should I repair or replace my air conditioner?

At a certain point, the line between a repair need and a replacement need grows fine. We’re here to help you understand what side of the line you stand on. Our team members can provide both air conditioning replacement and air conditioning repair in Longmont, CO. Don’t hesitate to come with us with a question, concern, or service need. Our team members are here to help.

Figuring Out What You Need

Let’s figure out what you need—repair or replacement.

You Should Repair If…

These are the signs that a repair need is enough to handle the problem your system has.

Odd Sounds

You might hear some odd sounds from an air conditioner that needs to be replaced. These sounds including banging, rattling, scraping, and more. Odd sounds indicate specific issues. We can figure out what those issues are to get them fixed.

Weird Smells

Have you noticed some odd smells in your home? Any odor that you notice might indicate problems that could cause potential health issues. Don’t wait for those signs to show—handle those smells now.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts, runs for a little while, stops, and starts again. Short cycling is terrible for your air conditioner and typically leads to air conditioning problems. We’re prepared to help you with what you need.

You Should Replace If…

These are the signs that you need replacement.

You’re Repairing Your System All the Time

You have to repair your air conditioner almost every single spring or summer. This is too often. You shouldn’t have to repair your air conditioner more than once every few summers. Shelling out cash this often for your air conditioner isn’t cost-effective.

Your AC Is Old

If your air conditioner is above the age of 10, you should have a new air conditioner in mind no matter its status. An air conditioner that’s this old is in the last few years of its life. You might be able to get your unit to work, but it’s probably not going to be efficient. Start planning for a new system now.

Use this Equation

There’s a helpful equation that you can use to determine if your air conditioning repair needs are too expensive, and they need to be upped to replacement. It’s the Rule of 5,000. You take the cost of repair and multiply it by the age of your system. If the answer that you get is 5,000 or greater, then it’s not worth it for you to repair your system—it’s better for you to replace it. Here’s an example: let’s say your repair is going to cost you $450 and your air conditioning unit is 12 years old.

Repair cost ($450) x the age of your unit (12) = 5,400

This is above 5,000 meaning that it would be worthwhile for you to replace your system. We’ll help you by providing a flawless replacement job.

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