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5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

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Nobody wants their heater to go out during winter, especially with how cold it gets here in Boulder. We don’t want you to get caught off guard and ignore your furnace telling you it’s in need of repair.

We’ve put together a handy list of the 5 most common signs that mean it’s time for you to call out a tech. We understand how important the heater is for you and your family, that’s why we’re committed to providing outstanding heating repair in Boulder, CO.

So, if you notice these signs outlined below, don’t hesitate to call Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re ready to help!

There’s No Heat Coming Out of the Vents

Our first sign is the most obvious there’s something gone wrong. If you turn on your heater and there’s only cold air blowing out, then it’s time to get someone to come and look at your furnace.

Often, it’s due to poor ductwork or there’s an issue with the thermostat. Sometimes, there’s something wrong with the thermocouple or the pilot light. Whatever the problem, a professional will be able to get to the bottom of it.

You Hear Unusual Noises Coming from Your Heater

We get used to the dull humming our heating system normally makes. So, if you start hearing noises out of the ordinary, it could be your furnace telling you it needs some help.

Things like loud booms, rattling, clicking, grinding, squealing, banging, whining, and anything else that sounds strange should be cause for concern. Every sound can point to a different problem, and some can lead to major and most costly repairs down the line. That’s why it’s best not to ignore these noises and proactively schedule repairs.

You’re Spending More on Your Energy Bill

If your bill is higher than usual, it might be a sign that your unit isn’t working efficiently. It’s normal for the amount you spend to fluctuate depending on the season. However, wild swings should set off alarm bells. If your heater is struggling to do its job, then you need to get it serviced so you’re not wasting money because of your furnace.

It’s Difficult to Turn On Your Heater

It shouldn’t take multiple attempts to get your furnace turned on. And it should run until it brings your home to the temperature of the thermostat. If it’s frequently turning off before then, or you have to try over and over to get it to start, then it’s time to get it serviced. Normally, it can be fixed by cleaning out the filters, coils, and other components.  The opposite can happen, and it seems like your heater never turns off. In either case, you’ll need an expert to come to find the solution.

The Monoxide Detector is Going Off

There’s a monoxide detector on the unit that monitors levels to make sure there isn’t a leak. This can be a deadly problem, so if you hear the alarm alert blaring from your heater, call a repairman immediately.

Experiencing these issues yourself? Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for your heating repair.

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