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Your Heater Might Need Repair If…


We know that your heater is one of the main characters in your home when fall and winter roll around. If you’re starting to notice that your heater isn’t performing the way that you want it to, then you should consider heating repair in Boulder, CO

We understand that you might question when this is necessary and if you should pick up the phone and call. We’re here to help you with this. We understand when a heating repair is necessary and we’re going to alert you to some signs below…

Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Heating Repair Need

At a certain point, heating repair becomes inevitable. We suggest that you get prompt heating repair services if you relate to any of the following:

It’s a Struggle to Get Warm

You’re struggling to get warm. This is frustrating and when this happens, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of warmth. We want you to take a second to zoom out your lens and discover just how ludicrous this is. If you have a heater, then you should be able to depend on this system to get you warm. Anything less is an issue worthy of a repair call. 

You’re Paying Far Too Much

Have you noticed that you’re paying way too much for your home’s heating care? When we talk about this, we’re referring to your monthly energy bills. Paying too much for your energy bills is always bad news unless you’ve done something to warrant this. High energy bills mean that your heating system is inefficient in some way. We can help you pinpoint the problem and work to solve it before it becomes the downfall of your home’s heating system this winter. 

Your Heater Is Loud

Is your heater making loud, disruptive noises? You might notice that your heater is struggling if it starts making a rattling sound every time it operates, banging noises, or even concerning squeaking sounds. A loud heater is a heater that’s struggling to operate well. Yes, you might be able to get this heater to work for your home, but these loud noises are definitely going to cause trouble in your home sooner than later? 

Your Heater Smells Funny

Your heater shouldn’t smell weird. If you’ve noticed that your heater makes your home smelly funky or even burnt, then it’s time to get help from a professional. A foul smelling heater can be a sign of carbon monoxide trouble or even a failing heater. We’ll help you sidestep this. 

Your Heater Runs In Odd Cycles

You’ve started to notice that your heater runs in odd cycles. Odd cycling can be on either end of the spectrum. On one end, you might notice short cycling. This is when your heater runs in short, incomplete cycles throughout the day and you’re left without warmth. On another end, you might deal with long cycles. Long cycling is an issue that’s sure to frustrate any homeowner as well. It’s typically something that’s going to leave you with just as much trouble. 

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning for your heating needs this season. 

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