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How a Humidifier Can Help This Winter

Now that the winter chill is really starting to set in, you might be looking for ways to get your home warm. When homeowners think about improving their heating, of course, their first instinct is to focus on their heater. We understand this logic. After you make sure that your home’s heater is completely squared away, then it means that it’s time to focus on your indoor air quality in Boulder, CO.

Indoor air quality is often the missing piece when it comes to your comfort. Today we’re going to focus on your humidity in particular. Your home’s humidity should balance anywhere between 30% and 50%. We’ll help you find the perfect balance today.

Getting to Know Whole House Humidifiers 

Let’s start with getting to know whole-house humidifiers. When we speak to homeowners, we know that they understand the basics. It’s likely that you’ve had a portable humidifier in your home to help you alleviate the symptoms of your cold. Whole-house humidifiers are a bit different though.

The key difference is that they distribute humidity to every single part of your home rather than specific rooms. We know that you might spend the most time in your bedroom, living room, or dining room, but it still makes sure that your entire home is balanced. This is what’s going to keep your home balanced in the future.

How Humidifiers Help

Now let’s talk about how humidifiers help you. Typically in cold weather, the air is a bit drier. This might not seem like a problem until you consider the role humidity plays in your warmth.

Think about it like this…Which day would feel hotter? An 80° summer day with dry heat? Or an 80° summer day with 40% humidity. If you guessed the day with a high level of humidity, then you guessed correctly! High humidity makes it harder for sweat to evaporate. This means that your body’s natural cooling response is less effective which makes you feel warmer. 

Now, this is detrimental to your comfort in the summer, but it can be your greatest ally come winter. You want water vapor in the air to help you stay warm during these cooler months. If your home’s humidity dips below 30%, you’re going to notice that you feel much colder than you’re used to. A humidifier keeping your home’s heating balanced will help you feel warmer and rely on your heater less. It’s likely that you’ll notice lower energy bills as a result of adding a humidifier to your home.

Professional Service Is Always Necessary

You can buy yourself the best humidifier in the world, but professional service is still going to be necessary. This isn’t something that we want you to sidestep. We know that you might want to cut costs, but we can guarantee that it’s a wise decision to have a professional install your unit. We’re the only ones with the expertise necessary to make sure your heater performs the work you need.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re prepared to get you the perfect humidifier. 

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