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What Your Home Is Missing: The Humidifier

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Are you staying warm this winter? If the answer isn’t a confident “yes,” then you’re going to need to equip your home with a little something extra. A good place to start is with a humidifier. Humidifiers are great options to add to your home because they can help you improve your home heating. Water vapor is the key to feeling warm without too much effort.

You can find out everything you need to know about humidifiers in Boulder, CO with our team members. We’re here to walk you through absolutely everything you need to know. If you’re ready to install a humidifier, we’re here to provide the installation and other services you need.

The Signs You Need a Humidifier

Are you wondering if your home could benefit from a humidifier? Here are the signs:

1.      Dry Body

Your skin is constantly dry and itchy, your hair feels like hay, and your nails are constantly breaking. You can expect your home can be a little dryer during the winter, but your body shouldn’t feel dehydrated. If your body is especially dry, you need to schedule an appointment with our professionals. A humidifier can help.

2.      Asthma Symptoms

Do you feel like you’re wheezing and struggling to breathe in your home? Maybe your asthma symptoms have seen a recent uptick although there’s been nothing that should trigger them. Asthma symptoms are a sign that your home could benefit from a little humidity. It’ll help you breathe easier at home.

3.      Constant Colds

You’re sick all the time. The problem is that constant colds can be the side effect of a humidity issue. Water vapor acts as an insulant to your body. It keeps you (and your sinuses in particular) moist. This means that you won’t suffer cracks and splits throughout your sinuses system that leave you vulnerable to colds.

4.      Running Your Heater Constantly

Are you running your heater all day and night in your home? You really shouldn’t have to run your heater endlessly just to get a baseline level of warmth. A humidifier is a backup your heater needs to provide you with great warmth.

5.      Well-Kept Wood Furnishings

Have you noticed that your wooden doors, chairs, or flooring have started to split or splinter? Wood furnishings may start to dry out during winter and break up. This means that you need a humidifier. You don’t want to spend time fretting and worrying over this or replacing these pieces. Instead, you can get what you need from us.

Why Whole-Home?

When you come to our professionals and talk about humidification services, you’re going to hear a term thrown around often—“whole-home humidifiers.”

If you’ve dabbled in humidification services, then this means that you’re probably familiar with portable humidifiers. These are great for a room, but you don’t spend your entire life within the confines of your bedroom or living room. You need to humidify your entire home all at once. This is the only way you’re going to help your home’s energy-efficiency and comfort all at once.

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