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How an HRV System Helps this Winter

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We’re reaching that point in the winter season where you might feel your home getting a little stuffy. Can you even recall the last time that you opened up a window? We’d guess that it’s been a while. This makes sense because it’s cold so you’re spending more time running your heater and that last thing you’d like to do is let in a cold draft. But what happens when your home gets stuffy and you want to get some fresh air without sacrificing your warmth?

An HRV system is what happens! HRV systems or heat recovery ventilators are the systems that are going to help you bring fresh air into your home without sacrificing the greater quality of your comfort. You can learn more about HRV systems below and reach out to us for installation from a reliable HVAC company in Longmont, CO when you’re ready.

What’s an HRV System?

An HRV system is a heat recovery ventilator system. This system works to transfer heat or cool to the fresh air coming into your home. This exchange creates a balance in your home. It works to reduce your energy consumption while keeping humidity and contaminants at bay.

The great thing about an HRV system is that about 90% of the already heated air is recovered by the heat exchanger and used to pre-condition your incoming air. This means less time and energy spent cooling or heating your home.

How it Helps

You’re spending more time indoors now than you ever have before. If you’ve started to notice that your indoor air quality is declining in quality, then you need to consider an HRV system. HRV systems are different because they allow you to enjoy the feeling of fresh air coming into your home without it any drawbacks.

The thing about most homes in Longmont is that they’re energy-efficient. It’s highly likely that your home has top-of-the-line insulation, air-tight windows, and fully-sealed doors. This is not really a bad thing until you’re considering your home’s indoor air quality.

Everything that’s in your home gets stuck there when your home is tightly sealed. It’s because everything is so tightly sealed. Not only does this create a stuffy and often uncomfortable home, but it also creates conditions that are ideal for mold, mildew, and dust build-up. These problems are more prevalent in an air-tight home because these contaminants are allowed to move throughout your home without interference.

An HRV system helps you work around all of this while maintaining your comfort and energy-efficiency.

Trust Our IAQ Technicians

We have a full team of indoor air quality technicians that understand how to perform your HRV services. There are quite a few models on the market and we’re going to help you sift through all of them to find the right one for you. We take the time to understand your home’s individual needs before we do anything else. We factor in your personal preferences too. When you work with us, you’ll end up with a unit that’s great at a baseline level, but also one that checks all your personal boxes.

Contact Meyers Heating & Air Conditioning today for your HRV system work.

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